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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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at 11, a developing story out of pittsburgh. a 2-year-old girl hit by a car. police say she was playing outside with other children when she ran into the street after a ball. the accident happened on jindal avenue at 6:00 this evening. police say speed and alcohol do not appear to be factors. the childchild was taken to oakland children's hospital. john finolio shows us the scene. >> reporter: i'm john finolio at scene of the accident. witnesses say the child was struck by an suv.
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this is still an active criminal investigation. that child was 2 years old. she was female. she was transported to children's memorial hospital where she remains in critical condition. i spoke with the child's aunt, who said the last update she got was that the child's vital signs are looking good. right now, the descriefer cooperating with police. and tragedy at an east bay middle school in byron. a candlelight vigil was held for byron hu. the driver had just dropped off her own children. police say she was pulling out of the school swen he she want over hu. >> as soon as someone said it was a child, i immediately just
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knew who it was, because i see him every day. >> he was amazeing. we did the play with him. >> he was always funny. he was always energetic. he was outgoing. always had a smile. he made everyone laugh, and he made it better for us. >> yeah when made special and happy. >> at this point, no charges have been filed against the driver. officers say it appears that was an accident. the sideshow problem appears to be making a problem in oakland. sideshows, the things where people gather and do donuts and stuff. they're basically idiots. the most recent one at was at 4:00 in the port of oakland. a warning here, you'll hear several gunshots, and we've tried to bleep out all the bad
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language. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ screaming, gunfire] ] >> here it is again. you see a person standing on the roof of that car, shooting apparently a woman involved in the sideshow. people were mad at the woman for hitting the other car. that's what prompted the shooting and the aggressive behavior pup heard her yelling at one point that's my car. no one was there when police showed up. it does not appear there were any injuries despit all the gunshots. that follows another sideshow on september 14. police did respond quickly to this one and were able to arrest the driver who episoded
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up backing up into a bliss cruiser while trying to get away pup get two sideshows on opposite sides of oakland. you can see how this one ended with an arrest. oakland police did say they were making sideshows more of a priority, and things did slow down for a while. but the problem apparently is back. i'm grant lodis, kron4 news. a pleasantton man is in critical condition, and the hunt is on for the people responsible for the attack. >> reporter: 51-year-old david lamont was found unconscious outside of his own home. police say lamont had gone outside because a group of teenagers had been making news when he went to talk to them, he was attacked.
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when lamont didn't come back inside, his wife found him on the ground and called police. he was taken by ambulance to eden medical center, where hery mains comatose. flabs stunned this would happen along such a quiet street -- neighbors are stunned this would happen along such a quiet street. >> he was just being a good samaritan, probably saying it was time to break it up and go home. >> reporter: at the middle of the street is the trail -- is a stray trailhead which leads into the hills. >> all these neighborhoods have active neighborhood watch programs. if we see suspicious people, if we see see kids partying up on the hill when they shouldn't be, we will call the police. >> in pleasantton, charles clifford, kron4 news.
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a 3 alarm fire caused $900,000 in damage at a church. it broke out at the zion first church of god in christ. it took firefighters about 40 minutes to get the blaze under control. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in southern california, a wildfire has burned at least 3,000 acres in the angeles national forest by the city of azusa. 3 homes were given voluntary evacuation alerts. it was a gorgeous day out there there today. temperatures in the 70s and 80s in much of the bay area. it was 68 in daly city, 67 in
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the bay. it was 87 in red arewood city and 80 in san jose. we're already seeing patches of fog on the san mateo coastline. we're also seeing a couple of patches near the bay shore possible. winds will pick up and it will be cooler. also coming up tonight at 11, a 49ers start linebacker in trouble with the law. what the team says he will go now. and several casual car pool riders hi jacked. and abercrombie and fitch at the center of a controversy over a woman and what she was wearing.
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the rock ridge neighborhood in oakland son edge after a robbery at a casual car pool
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zone. scott talked to one of the victims. >> reporter: this is the spot where the robbery happened. this is a on poplar spot for the casual par karr pool people. i talked to neighbors, and they say for the most part it's very safe, but after this robbery, they say now they'll be watching their back. >> reporter: this woman say she is frequently uses the casual car pool here. now she's thinking twice after what happened here earlier this morning. >> everyone was on their cell phones, checking their e-mail, all of a sudden, 3 guys came with guns and said we're taking everything. >> reporter: according to oakland police, it was around 9:00, when several people became victims when 3 suspects came out of nowhere, pulled out a gun, and demanded perm items and electronic dwoises.
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>> we ijust handed my cell phone to them. we weren't awarof our surroundings. >> reporter: while this woman feels fortunate nobody was hurt, she says she also won't ever forget those frightening few minutes. >> there was one woman trembling and screaming. other people were shocked. >> i did check with the oakland police department. -- >> reporter: i did check with the oakland police department. they say they have 3 people in custody. they said they could related to this robbery. still ahead, just days after apple launched its latest iphone, new security concerns surface. plus 49ers star linebacker ♪ nice car. sure is.
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the san francisco 49ers ready to go forward without alden smith as he reportedly enters rehab for substance abuse. he is now off the roster indefinitely. fans say they support this attempt to get help.
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>> it takes a lot to be able to say i have a problem, and that i need to fix the problem. >> i am a little l let down o that that happened. we all make mistakes. >> we think it's important for him to better himself. >> the district attorney's office is reviewing this most recent charge of dui glens against smith. our sports director will have reaction from head coach jim harbaugh later in sports. a bay area woman fired from an abercrombie and fitch store is now thousands of dollars richer after a judge determined she was fired for
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discrimination. >> reporter: hani khan's district manager said her hijab did not comply with the store's looks policy. >> i explained that it's not acceptable and why. i was suspended from work. >> reporter: she was suspended from the work and fired. dawnnd khan's firing was deemed discrimination. abercrombie filed state and federal law and settled for $48,000. >> i hope no one usest has to go through this. >> reporter: abercrombie has a laundry list of things they have to do. >> thane train their employees hijab and religious violations. >> reporter: abercrombie will
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also be monitored for 3 year witness handing in detailed reports twice a year. >> a sec woman was awarded $230,000 in that lawsuit settlement. she applied in a store at the great mall of america. she was asked if she would take her head scarf off for work. she said no and was told she would not be offered the job. a bill has been signed inti into law by jerry brown that requires website operators to erase posting when a minor asks them to do so. california would be the first state to enforce such a requirement, although the measure would not apply if the
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content had been reposted by a third party. cooler weather in store for your tuesday. as we look outside, we are seeing mainly clear conditions. to the north, you see a storm passing, mainly impacting oregon. you can see the tail end of the system sagging to the south. we are seeing increased sea winds out there. fog tracker 4 has fog at the san mateo coastline. patches of bog in the bay shore as well. at the 8:00 hour, the bay is clear of fog. we are going see sunshine out there tomorrow. it will be breezy near the coastline. it will be about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than today.
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75 in los gatos. just 75 in concord and livermore. up in the north bay, a range of 70. cooler tomorrow, and cooler still into wednesday. the storm will be out of here by thursday, friday, and saturday. so we'll have warmer, drier air barreling back in. the latest iphone has made record opening sales for apple with 9 million phones sold in just 3 day. that's double the number of phones sold when the 5 model came out last year. the simultaneous launch in china may have helped boost sales. a german hacking group says that it can break into the new
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iphone's security. a spokesman for the group says it managed to foot phone's biometric sensor into accepting a fingerprint using a household printer and wood glue. yesterday, the a's won the west. now they're playing for the best record in all of baseball. and the raiders may have lost more than just the game in denver. more than just the game in denver. terry has the goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can.
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good evening, everybody. raiders and broncos. here we go. oakland getting a rare national television evening slots. problem is they ran into peyton manning, and manning was great. the broncos strike first. here come the broncos. prior heading moore. before you know it, a 17-0 lead has opened, at least on on the board. prior, not bad. and whenever he felt a little warp from the raiders, he came right back. this is julius thomas. 32 of 37. 374 yards. 3 touchdowns, prior did take a
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hit here from wesley woodyard. he left the game with a concussion. so that's a little problem for dennis allen. what will happen sunday when washington comes to the oakland come see yum? the raiders are 1-2. the denver broncos off to a 3-0 start. peyton manning, a record 12 touchdown passes through the first 3 games. alden smith no longer with the 49ers, arrested for dui. he went right to practice from there, played on sunday. this was smith's second dui, and he is seeking help. the 49ers have placed him on the reserve non-football illness list list. >> has he let you down and the team down? >> we've hashed through it now. now we're taking steps and alden is taking steps.
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this is an opportunity to stare it in the face and whip it. that's our approach. >> next up, st. louis, thursday night in st. louis. and the 49ers, it looks whriek will be without linebacker patrick willis, the only player in 49er history to be named to the pro bowl each of his first 6 seasons. and the word leaking out this afternoon, don't expect willis to be ready to go. the a's are the champs in anaheim do you now. they're shooting for the best record in the american league, which would mean home field advantage throughout the playoffs. brandon moss delivers a 2-run blast, his 28th of the year.
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the a's now 1 game back of boston. last time pittsburgh made the playoffs, barry bonds was a pirate. that's 1992. great finish tonight. he's gunned down at the plate. the pirates celebrate. they win 2-1 and are indeed going to the postseason. america's cup, team oracle doesn't want to go away. it looked like new zealand was dominant, but oracle now trails 8-6. first team to 9 wins. they'll go again tomorrow, weather permitting. and the weather here always bright when pam moore can close and give you something to go through the night. >> you can get the latest news
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inside the emmys. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> what you didn't see on tv. >> edie, chris, dina, connie. >> i'm here with jeff daniels. >> all the backstage action. >> "inside edition." >> baby talk with claire danes. >> we're inside the hottest emmy after parties with all the winiers. >> selfies. the best emmy coverage with deborah norville, jim moret and victoria racagno. then, mall shooting. can it happen here? what you need to


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